20SB Blog Swap: Summer memories by guest blogger Toni Rose

Unsent Letters

Hi My Name is Toni Rose and I just arrived back home to Manila last Saturday, August 13. I flew from California and I was there since February of this year…. That’s pretty much almost 6 months away from home and 6 months of pure vacation. That means I spent 4 months of summer vacation. If I were to base it on Manila Summer Time that would be during April and May… While if I were to base it on California Summer Time that would be June and August.

The question now is, What was my favorite memory?

For those 4 months I have lots of favorite memory of course, but it only falls under one category.

My favorite memory was of those days that I spent it with my boyfriend, whether it was in San Francisco of where he lives… or in Los Angeles, where I was staying (with my grandparents).

For those who don’t know I’m actually in a Long Distance Relationship because my boyfriend works in San Franscisco and I’m a resident in the Philippines. So you would understand why my favorite memory was such every single moment with him.

We went to a lot of places and did a sort of things as long as our funds were still able to sustain it. =)

Hollywood, Disneyland, Fruit Picking, Beach and visited various tourist spots..

It was the best summer vacation for me so far, but sadly it had to end on the day my flight was due back home.

I miss him already of course, it’s not a joke to be with him for months and spend time 24/7, only to end the habit one day. But it’s not the first time we’ll be apart, so it takes a little getting used to.

So I’m now back in Manila… it’s hot even its not summer… it’s sticky because it’s supposed to be a rainy season and its actually raining as I write this blog.. it’s crowded and the road drivers are pretty much crazy. But I love it. I miss it. and I still can’t believe that I’m back home..

To End this Blog post, I will show you a song I keep on Playing on REPEAT while I was on the plane.

“I walked the streets of San Francisco. I’ve tried the rides in Disneyland.”
“Somehow I feel like I don’t belong.”

“Manila, Manila.. I keep on coming back to Manila” =)

Yours Truly,

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