Farming the Sprawl at Arts Goggle 2016


If you haven’t been to Arts Goggle before, you’re really missing out.

It is one of Fort Worth’s best music and art festivals, and Austin and I will have a booth for Farming the Sprawl at Arts Goggle this weekend. The event will be from noon to 10 p.m. Saturday.

Several blocks worth of streets are shut down for the one-day event that takes place just south of downtown Fort Worth. Find more details here.

Austin and I will be selling newly created stickers and t-shirts this year as well as my dad’s honey to support Farming the Sprawl. The stickers, I must say, are pretty badass.

Also, the Arts Goggle posters this year are dedicated to my dear friend and mentor who passed away recently, Elizabeth Samudio. She was an integral part of the urban agriculture and permaculture movements in Fort Worth, and Elizabeth Anna’s Old World Garden has been an incredible part of the Near Southside neighborhoods for over a decade.


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